Cooking and music create a perfect harmony

There are some things that last a lifetime, and for me, they are my love for music and my love for preparing healthy, nutritious food for myself and the people I care for, all of which was sparked early in my childhood. They go together in a way that, for me, creates perfect harmony. When I was a child growing up in Israel, when the radio was on in the house it was always tuned to classical music. When I was a little older, I would turn on the radio myself to listen to Bach, Mozart, Handel, and Vivaldi – all still favorite composers of mine today. At about age 9, I asked my parents for a record player for my birthday and was delighted when I was given one. From then on, every little bit of money I received went to buy records down at the local bookstore. I got into the habit of playing my favorites again and again until I had them memorized. I have always loved music, and I came to realize that listening to classical and baroque music is my escape into the sublime. I find that when I’m in my element preparing food, the music enhances my mood and elevates me to my highest frequency. In my new book, Recipe for a Delicious Life, I’m excited to share what I have learned as a private chef about the important role music plays during food preparation. It influenced my desire to share this experience with other people so I helped produce an original techno-classical music CD, Music for a Delicious Life, with movie & television score composer, Neil Argo. Combining music and food at the highest frequency is like a form of meditation. It is no surprise to me that when they are aligned, bring ultimate harmony and joy to my life. After all, food nourishes the body and music nourishes the spirit.  I hope you will have a chance to experience this in your own lives.

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Music, a lifelong passion