Maryland State Senator Richard Madaleno and Chef Zipora

Early in my career as a private chef, it took me some time to learn how to receive a compliment about the food I prepare, and I’m still quite reserved when it comes to adulation. However, last week I was happily surprised when Maryland State Senator Richard Madaleno, who is also running for Governor in the 2018 election, gave me a glowing compliment that he wanted me to share.

I rarely divulge the names of my clients or details about the dinners I serve, so Sen. Madaleno’s impromptu endorsement of the meal I prepared for his dinner party, provides an excellent chance for people to learn how fun and memorable dinner can be when surrounded by good food and good company. The group enjoyed a fabulous meal, lovely wine pairings, and, as Sen. Madaleno put it, “sparkling conversation and a bread pudding dessert that will be remembered forever.”

Thank you to Sen. Madaleno and his wonderful family and guests. It was my pleasure to serve you all!

If you’re planning to host a gathering in 2018, please give me a call. I’d love to join you in making your event one to remember.

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Chef Zipora receives glowing praise from Maryland’s gubernatorial candidate Richard Madaleno