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Everyone has a story to tell. 

That’s the premise behind #AMAfeed’s Ask Me Anything online Q&A events. They’re designed to bring together people of common interests from all corners of the world to engage in informative and unscripted conversations on many different topics of interest. Subject matter experts representing more than 50 areas of expertise are invited to host week-long sessions on dedicated channels. I was recently asked to participate in the #CookingAMA event. It was fun to read the different questions people asked me and share many different parts of my culinary story; what in my childhood did I draw on to become a private chef, how music influences my cooking, among other topics. During my event, I answered about 30 questions. I suspected people would be interested in my work with Hollywood celebrities, and they were. However, just as many people wanted to know about my love of music and how I combine it with my passion for cooking vibrant, flavorful and nutritious meals. I hope the people who participated are inspired to bring music into their kitchens. I also shared the story of how I snagged my first celebrity gig cooking for Bob and Dolores Hope. There was also a question about the most unusual ingredients I’ve worked with, and I shared the first time I cooked bear meat for a client. It sure was tough, but I used goat’s milk to tenderize it. I also had the opportunity to share a few stories about the exotic locales where I’ve worked such as Tuscany, Madagascar, Croatia and Beijing, and the joys and challenges of cooking in places around the globe. One of my favorite all time locations will always be Tuscany. You can read more about the Tuscany experience in my previous blog post. The #CookingAMA event I hosted is archived. I encourage you to check it out, and if you have a particular topic of interest, tune in to other AMAfeed events. You can meet new and interesting people with really interesting life experiences and knowledge about their area of expertise. Give it a try! View the questions and answers during my #CookingAMA event with this link.

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My #CookingAMA event – a week long opportunity to share my story