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Comfort Food in Harmony with Your Health™

Welcome to Chef Zipora Enterprise. We are dedicated to improving people’s lives by empowering individuals and families to eat well and embrace a healthy lifestyle to satisfy the mind, body and spirit. We do this through our food and music products, books and edutainment programs.

Our food creations provide healthy, delicious comfort foods designed to be packaged in convenient meals for people on-the-go. We are seeking partners to bring our products to market that share our enthusiasm and integrity for producing clean food made with the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing standards.

Calling Fellow Foodies

In addition to developing food products, Chef Zipora also invites fellow foodies, and those who want to enhance their experience in the kitchen, to learn more about her passion for cooking, music and food creation. Connect with us on our blog page and social media to learn more about how you can create the optimal cooking environment that can impact the quality and taste of your food while also stimulating your appetite for lasting health, harmony & joy.

You will also find Music to Inspire You with original music scores composed for Chef Zipora Enterprise by Television & Film Composer, Neil Argo and International Composer & Concert Pianist Peter Vamos. We hope you enjoy your visit and share your favorite cooking experiences, favorite recipes and stories of healthy eating with us!

New Book and Music CDs – Discover Health, Harmony & Joy with Food and Music

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Chef Zipora's Recipe for a Delicious Life book cover

Recipe for a Delicious Life

Chef Zipora’s first book, Recipe for A Delicious Life, shares interesting anecdotes and adventures of her time traveling the world as a private chef, along with a collection of recipes her celebrity clients enjoyed eating. She also gives the reader a unique perspective about how music affects our emotions and impacts the mood of a chef during food preparation.

Music for a Delicious Life

To accompany her book, Zipora produced a classical music CD, Music for a Delicious Life, which features beautiful techno-classical music arranged by movie & television score composer, Neil Argo. This CD sets the perfect upbeat atmosphere to enhance your mood and explore your culinary skills in the kitchen.

Chef Zipora's Music for a Delicious Life CD cover

Mozart Melodies for Children

Zipora also produced a children’s CD, Chef Zipora’s Mozart Melodies for Children, a lovely collection of Mozart’s most popular classical music melodies, arranged with angelic, aspirational voice-over messages for children of all ages, such as I am confident, I love to learn, I love to eat fruit, I am creative, I am happy & joyful and many others.

Chef Zipora's Mozart Melodies for Children CD cover

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