Chef Zipora Einav

Celebrity Private Chef, Author, Innovator, Entrepreneur & CEO

“I don’t believe in deprivation. Food should be enjoyed, easy to prepare and provide energy and vitality. Well-chosen food, prepared with passion in a proper environment, makes the body dance and the cells sing. It’s part of the joy of being alive.”

— Celebrity Chef Zipora

Make Every Day Delicious

Chef Zipora has enjoyed a distinguished career as a private chef to dozens of discerning clients. She has traveled the world and prepared exquisite, flavorful meals for some of Hollywood’s most notable celebrities, studio executives and elite athletes – Mariah Carey, Pierce Brosnan, Bob & Dolores Hope, Aaron Spelling, Donovan McNabb and many others.

Whether preparing her meals in a family’s kitchen or as a guest chef at Michelin star restaurants and 5-star hotels – The Ritz (Paris), The Ritz Carlton (Singapore) and The Four Seasons (Milan and Tokyo) – her intention for every dining experience is to create a wonderful, lasting memory.

Each dish Zipora prepares is presented with artistic flair, a skill she developed while working for celebrity and high-profile, ultra-high-net-worth clients.

Chef Zipora Book and Music CDs

Recipe for a Delicious Life

Chef Zipora’s first book, Recipe for A Delicious Life, shares interesting anecdotes and adventures of her time traveling the world as a private chef, along with a collection of recipes her celebrity clients enjoyed eating. She also gives the reader a unique perspective about how music affects our emotions and impacts the mood of a chef during food preparation.

Music for a Delicious Life

To accompany her book, Zipora produced a classical music CD, Music for a Delicious Life, which features beautiful techno-classical music arranged by movie & television score composer, Neil Argo.  This CD sets the perfect upbeat atmosphere to enhance your mood and explore your culinary skills in the kitchen.

Mozart Melodies for Children

Zipora also produced a children’s CD, Chef Zipora’s Mozart Melodies for Children, a lovely collection of Mozart’s most popular classical music melodies, arranged with angelic, aspirational voice-over messages for children of all ages, such as I am confident, I love to learn, I love to eat fruit, I am creative, I am happy & joyful and many others.

Chef Zipora Enterprise, Comfort Food in Harmony with Your HealthTM

Chef Zipora’s company is dedicated to improving people’s lives by empowering individuals and families to eat well and embrace a healthy lifestyle. The company achieves this through its food and music products, books and edutainment programs. Learn more


I’ve worked with Donovan McNabb, Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Spelling, Bob Hope among others.


“Of the hundreds of spas I’ve visited as a travel editor of ‘Shape Magazine’, never in my life have I tried such incredible and healthy spa cuisine.”

Carol Jacobs, Articles/Adventure
Travel Editor for Shape Magazine


“Chef Zipora’s outstanding meals contributed to my husband and I reaching our weight loss goals. With the assistance of Chef Zipora, my husband reported to training camp at his target weight. Her diet also increased our energy levels. Chef Zipora also took it upon herself to encourage healthy eating habits in our children. As a family, we were very impressed by Chef Zipora’s tasty meals. Her talents and professionalism are second to none.”

Donovan McNabb,
NFL Quarterback


“Chef Zipora is an excellent chef and an extremely diligent worker. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to any perspective client.”

Mariah Carey,
Singer Songwriter


“Since Chef Zipora’s arrival, we have as a household and as a production team enjoyed delicious and diverse meals, that are always unbelievably light and nutritious. Her artistry as a chef is unsurpassed by any I have had before in that she is constantly preparing new concoctions that are all her own. Zipora is professional and sensitive to an individual’s needs. With a tour approaching and the completion of this album, it is important that I am at the highest level of fitness and health, and in every way Zipora has seen to it that I reach this goal.”

Soul/R&B Singer Songwriter